Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Shame on them!

From Melissa McDougall

Tonight, I urge you all to at least watch the city council meeting in action. The particular item of interest on the agenda is the approval of the permanent twice a week water restriction ordinance. It is a controversial topic that last week caused a division amongst councilpersons. I won't say that you will be shocked tonight by what you see but, you will see a little about my concerns at the TRWD in action and that is lack of transparency in government, and obvious strong a...rming IMO by someone outside of city hall. Could it be the TRWD, the Chamber of Commerce, or what?

Last week, TRWD Director Mary Kelleher and myself attended the Council mtg. and to her surprise, there was three of her five member Board of Directors from the TRWD. Mary was there as a concerned citizen. The other three were there to support the passing of the permanent water restrictions. The chairman of her board spoke in front of council supporting the ordinance change. While speaking he introduced his fellow board members BUT, HE DID NOT INTRODUCE MARY KELLEHER! Mary was elected by the people of Fort Worth that are sick and tired of the lack of transparency! I was beside myself and very obviously did my SHAME, SHAME FINGERS at him as he departed the podium. The blatant disrespect they have for a fellow director. UNBELIEVABLE! Why you may ask? Because she is forcing ethics and transparency and they don't like it!

Here's my questions....

TRWD directors get paid $150 per appearance up to a annual maximum. Are the directors that showed up last Tuesday going to expect their $150 each although only one spoke? Was it necessary for all three to be there? And how many will show up tonight? Mary does not expect a payout, she was there as a concerned citizen.

When did the three TRWD directors discuss attending the council meeting without Mary Kelleher present? Three of five members discussing and making decisions is a quorum. A public notice should have been posted so that the public could attend the "open meeting"! IT'S THE LAW!!!! Isn't this one of the hot topics we are all furious about? Here is perfect example and proof that decisions are being made BEHIND CLOSED DOORS! They made the decision to attend council and spoke as if the TRWD directors all agreed to support the cities new ordinance WITHOUT Mary Kelleher present and without a PUBLIC MEETING!


Watch the council mtg tonight! Go to the city website and click on the live stream of the council meeting. See for yourself what we've been talking about!

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