Saturday, February 5, 2011

And it all comes crashing down...

Ice fell from the "Super" Bowl at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas today.  Or "Dallas, Texas" depending on which station you are watching. ESPN is broadcasting from Fort Worth, too bad that's been a ghost town.  Due to the cold weather, the reporters packed up and moved inside. 

Unfortunately some people were hurt in the ice and gravity incident.  You can read about that here.  We hope they all recover quickly and no one else is injured.

WHO PAYS for the Super Bowl? 

Some in Fort Worth wonder if the taxpayers will end up on the hook for the ice storm clean up and the short fall in revenues expected with the big game. The best response we saw to that was, "Well, there's Mike's plan and then there's God's plan".  Words of wisdom.  (Those of you in Arlington, feel free to insert "Jerry" in Mike's place).

Who paid to clear the roads from the hotels to the stadium? 

It's reported a fly over is costing the taxpayers $450,000.   Now we love the fly overs.  But don't we have jets up the road? Why are we flying them across the country for a football game?  Oh come on, we know, it's the "SUPER" BOWL.  It's still a football game, is it worth half a million dollars? Of YOUR money? has been on a roll with chasing the money down.  You might want to read it.  In some way, you might be paying for it.

Aren't we broke??

The NFL receives all of this tax-free, at a savings of at least $7 million, according to the contract.   The tax bill goes to the North Texas Super Bowl XLV Host Committee.

But that's not all the NFL and related events are getting for nothing.

The NFL Experience pays no rent for its use of the Dallas Convention Center. The league keeps all income from tickets and food sold inside.

On Saturday night, the Taste of the NFL will pay just $1 in rent for the Fort Worth Convention Center.

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