Friday, October 30, 2015

Trust in Trinity Plans...'

Yes, you read that right but not in the Star-Telegram, of course, in the Dallas Morning News.

Different day, different city, same river, same story.

Years of delay have eroded trust in Trinity plans, Rawlings says

Thursday, October 22, 2015

YOU got sTIFfed

Letter to the Editor in the Star-Telegram about the:

Trinity River Vision

I suppose we should revel in the fact that the Trinity River Vision, “the massive flood control and economic development project,” “is on time and on budget.” (See Oct. 11 news story, “Trinity River Vision moving forward, building 3 bridges.”)

Except that it is neither.

The original cost was $367 million, and most of the milestones have been delayed.

In 2005, the re-estimated cost was $435 million and that included additional money for inflation.

The 2009 figure was $908 million, also with a cushion for inflation.

So much for “on time and on budget.”

The “massive flood control” is not to enable development, but is a byproduct of the development to avoid greater flooding in Arlington and Dallas.

That adds big costs (and those cities should still be concerned).

So, the flood control argument is bogus.

The central city federal share is limited to $110 million, yet the project will require a $340 million appropriation to the Army Corps of Engineers.

How certain and why the increase?

The 2005 budget estimate included $26.6 million from Fort Worth and $115.9 million from the TIF.
That’s all Fort Worth tax money.

Now the TIF estimate is $320 million.

What was a 1:3 cost/benefit ratio has turned into an upside down deal.

Bottom line: The taxpayers are getting “sTIFfed.”


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Vote yes!

After 10 years of advocacy in the Texas legislature, leadership FINALLY passed what the grassroots demanded - a road funding solution to greatly reduce, if not eliminate, toll roads in Texas.

Rather than increase taxes, Prop 7 dedicates some of the existing general sales & use tax as well as vehicle sales tax to the state highway fund. These funds can ONLY go to NON-TOLL roads or to retire existing state road debt. Together with Prop 1 that passed last year and ending the non-education gas tax diversions, this will give TxDOT nearly a $5 billion a year boost in funding.

Friday, October 16, 2015

TCU fight

After reading the Fort Worth Weekly Student Scourge article, we couldn’t decide which of the quotes we liked best, so we listed some below.  Be sure and take note of where the Fort Worth Mayor sends her dollars…

And when you’re done here, read Durango’s take on it.  It will make your day.

“His irritation level may have reached the point where he says, ‘If it’s the last thing I do, I will see that you are kicked out of here,’ along with a dose of ‘Do you know who I am?!’ ” said a local developer who requested anonymity for fear of offending Eppstein. “Taking this issue to these extremes seems shortsighted and out of character.”

Even the staunchly pro-development Fort Worth Business Press cringed about that PR contract. Publisher Richard Connor wrote that “Eppstein manages campaigns for political candidates who pay him at least twice — once when they run and again after they get elected. It’s a conflict, but the officeholders are more beholden to Eppstein than they are to you, the voters.”

In recent years, Eppstein’s power appears to have slipped somewhat, particularly in Fort Worth. He no longer represents a majority of city council members. Current Mayor Betsy Price used Dallas’ Allyn Media to help get elected.    (Yes, you Betsy lovers that says, gasp – DALLAS!!!)

After Davis won, Eppstein circulated a memo among Austin political leaders explaining how she had “stolen” the election.

After Denton approved the fracking ban, Eppstein blamed college voters.

 “I don’t know if he holds as much sway anymore.”

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

What’s wrong with Texas?

#$@^ like this…

Rather than pass along Wright’s proposal to Phillips, Hall instead forwarded it to the Office of the Secretary of State. A resident got a copy of the complaint and published it on her Facebook page along with the message: “I have never seen or heard of such a blatant attempt at bribery and coercion aimed at circumventing the will of the voters who expect their officeholders to actually hold and keep the office they get elected to. If you’re trying to get elected just so you can get your … pension and walk away, you don’t deserve to win in the first place.”

Read about Judge Wright in the Fort Worth Weekly.  Then you’ll know WHY we backed Mrs. Phillips in that race.  

Pay attention, YOU can’t afford not to.  Especially if you end up in this kangaroo court.

Bafongoo, Voters!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Moment of Silence

We’ve been quiet this week as Fort Worth has taken a hard hit.  Not only with the loss of Allen Patterson, but with the loss of Cathy Hirt and her husband, Dr. Hirt.

Cathy was a former FW City Councilwoman and a candidate for mayor a few years ago.  We were not the only ones disappointed when she lost.

Cathy and her husband gave their all to Fort Worth and the people (all people) and they will not be forgotten.

Tough week in the Fort.  Here’s to a better tomorrow.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Tarrant County lost a hero

We just learned that Allen Patterson, former Tarrant County Libertarian Chair, and all around supporter of liberty and the underdog, lost his bravest battle yesterday.

Allen was a true friend to Lone Star and an inspiration to all who knew him.

He will be missed in this great state of Texas and far beyond.  His memory will be carried on by all who fought in the trenches with him.

Allen shared some words of wisdom shortly after his diagnosis.

The Last Blog Post:  Don't Be Safe

What a legacy he’s leaving behind.

We will miss you, friend.