Thursday, December 17, 2009

BREAKING NEWS in the Wild West

Will it make the "news"?

This just keeps getting better. Gas drilling, the Fort Worth Way.
Get up - go to court in the morning!!!

- 12/18/09 8:30 a.m.
County Court at Law #3
100 E Weatherford Fort Worth, TX
Judge Vince Sprinkle

The media and the public need to ask many questions.

One extra item of interest (and Don Young can verify this): Suzette Watkins, owner of the Riverside Kennel, owns two acres of land between Scott Ave. and I-30, right next to the Thomas well site. She was taken to court this morning by CHK/TMGS for refusing to let them do a survey on her land, partly because they would not give her straight answers about their exact purpose for such an intrusion.

It appears that her land would be located along the so-called alternative or northern route for the Thomas to Hickman gathering pipeline/s. This legal action made mention of the construction of this very same pipeline project and thus draws into question further why CHK/TMGS is still insisting on taking my land (fraudulently at that, which is why they have not been able to get it for over a year now).

Thank you for your interest and efforts, Ms. Stein. Sorry I didn't respond sooner--I had to make sure it was okay with Suzette to share the information.

Steve Doeung

From: D Stein
To: Steve Doeung
Cc: Greg Hughes
Sent: Thu, December 17, 2009 4:16:19 PM
Subject: Press

I know it's late, but may I send this to my press list?


December 17, 2009


FORT WORTH, TEXAS - Steve Doeung has a court appearance tomorrow regarding a request by Chesapeake/ Texas Midstream Gas Services for an easement to lay a pipeline through his front yard on Carter Avenue. There have been many public declarations that the pipeline will be moved north to I30. However, after hearing “we’re still working on it,” from city staff members, Mr. Doeung and others aren’t so sure about that. And Chesapeake/TMGS seems to still be interested in Mr. Doeung’s property.

Mr. Doeung has contacted Senator Davis and Representative Burnam asking for clarification from them regarding the positioning of the pipeline (see below). Both Davis and Burnam were instrumental in convening talks between Chesapeake and TXDOT for the purpose of finding a route for the pipeline that would not run through homeowners’ yards on Carter Avenue. Eminent domain was created for the “good of the public.” It doesn’t appear that there is anything good about putting citizens through the mental anguish of trying to protect their families, their health and the value of their property.

Dear Sen. Davis and Rep. Burnam:

Please let me make clear what CHK/TMGS' legal team focused objective is for the court hearing that is scheduled in just a little over 48 hours from now: they are asking the court to give them the easement on my property, which would remove the final obstacle in the gas pipeline route coming through Carter Ave.

This clear intention (included in the legal petition) on their part appears to run counter to whatever good-faith discussion and negotiation that you and your staff, et al. had put great time and effort.

Y. Steve Doeung


TXsharon said...

Tension mounts. Any word?

The Star-Telegraph said...

Sources say it went well. We are waiting for confirmation. Will update ASAP.

Anonymous said...

Are there no lawyers in Fort Worth or the whole North Texas area with three major top law schools, no less, able and willing to help this poor man out? Are we still living in America? Is this the "democratic way" that we have spent our lives and treasures to spread (and even force) to other places across the world? Something is wrong in FW for sure for this to happen.