Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Star-Telegram "News" Paper prints funnies

The reason no one takes the Star-Telegram anymore is because they are nuts.  Like Bat Sh*t Crazy Nuts.

 Let us count the ways -

A week ago we got a call about hiring block walkers for the TRWD race. For three candidates.  Living the Fort Worth Way, one would assume the status quo, the three incumbents.  But no, hold up.  They want two of the incumbents and one of the ones the establishment continues to run.  If you're wondering why, he's in real estate.  Duh.

And here we are a week later and we are sure no one finds it odd, that the ST just came up with these same three candidates all on their own!  (If you buy that, we have a bridge to sell you.) They are endorsing candidates who have not made any waves or stood up for their constituents during their time on the board. Looking at one of the incumbents signs, it seems they aren't even clear what the board they serve on is called.  This is the same candidate that happens to be the treasurer for a certain Fort Worth Mayoral Candidate. Apparently the ST is okay with that, too. It's Fort Worth, it's all relative.

We understand not backing the president of the board again, though the ST's excuse for that doesn't hold water.  They feigned shock over his "arrogance" and unwillingness to listen to the voters.  Um, are they new?  Have they ever been to a meeting? This is who he is and what the water board does.  Granted other local papers have done a much better job on reporting that over the years. Did the ST forget they’ve always endorsed him? (see pic above).

The ST has a reputation for being derogatory and dismissive when it comes to the People's Candidate, Mary Kelleher.  The one time they did endorse her, they called her "the squeaky wheel".  When she won a seat on the Tarrant Regional Water District, a food critic at the Star-Telegram insulted all Texas women and beyond by saying her win had something to do with her being the only woman on the ballot.  It couldn't be because she's a highly intelligent, caring, hard working citizen, could it?  This time they label her as a "disruptor".  Well, sign us up!  We're voting for the disruptor and asking you to do the same.  Had the ST been focused on disrupting the Fort Worth Way that the TRWD has practiced for years, the taxpayers wouldn't have wasted $40 million to date on the Billion Dollar Boondoggle. 

Monday, April 12, 2021

Say what??

Someone tell Mrs. King (and the Ethics Commission) what board she’s running for please.

We hope she’s more thorough while doing Mrs. Parker’s campaign finance reports.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

She's back...

Did you miss us?

Some of you didn't.  For the rest of you, you know what to do.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

We waited 7 years for this??


They are kidding, right?

There is not much traffic up there. No one knows it's open. The bridge leading to the million dollar trash can.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

We're back...

Did you miss us?

We had been sitting back watching the TRVA Panther Island drama, but if the circus is going to come to town, clowns and all, we decided to take a trip down memory lane.

Here are a few gems for you:

“Whether it’s an abatement, TIF, public/private partnership, getting favorable changes in the law to reduce private risk – it never stops,” Picht said. “TRV is in a class by itself for getting so much public money from so many sources while having no transparency, no hope of keeping within budget, no competent management, and no hope of producing the product that was advertised in the original concept plan.” he said.

Water district officials say the criticism is unwarranted. The idea behind the TRV always has been to reintegrate the Trinity River back into the city and make it a centerpiece of economic development, they say.

Funny, we thought the plan was always "flood control".  Oops

And there's this from way back in 2011, when the Boondoggle also know as: Panther Island, Trinity River Vision & Trinity Uptown, went by Central City.

With the current congressional moratorium on earmarks, Trinity River Vision Authority officials have been told not to expect any federal funding in the current fiscal year for the flood control and economic development project.

I'm curious when we reach the tipping point where we don't have to be worried," said Maenius, who added that he has been unable to receive a clear-cut answer. U.S. Rep. Kay Granger, R-Fort Worth, who has secured earmarks for the project since its inception, cannot seek funding for the project since Congress has instituted a moratorium on earmarks. Her son is J.D. Granger.

Since the Senate joined the earmark moratorium, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison also can no longer seek an earmark for Central City, the Army Corps of Engineers portion of the project.

The Fort Worth project is not in President Barack Obama's budget -- nor was it in President George W. Bush's budgets -- but has been funded through earmarks championed by Rep. Granger.
From Show us the money.

And then there's this, straight from the horse's mouth...or the Manager's nephew...

Our favorite might be the the blurb below, as you know, the Trinity River Vision was touted as a "flood control" project, to secure federal funds. WHERE do you see the words flood control in this statement?

(Durango) In the Trinity River Vision's website we get to read what I think must be the Trinity River Vision Mission Statement:

The Trinity River Vision Authority (TRVA) is the organization responsible for the implementation of the Trinity River Vision (TRV) - a master plan for the Trinity River in Fort Worth, Texas. It is underway now - connecting every neighborhood in the city to the Trinity River corridor with new recreational amenities, improved infrastructure, environmental enhancements and event programming. The TRV will create Trinity Uptown, a vibrant urban waterfront neighborhood, expand Gateway Park into one of the largest urban-programmed parks in the nation and enhance the river corridor with over 90 user-requested projects along the Trinity Trails.

Do you see the words, flood control anywhere in that statement?

We could do this all night. But you get the point.  SSDD.  The only difference is, the "news" showed up today.  But they brought Bud Kennedy with them so, you know...

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Welcome back, Fort Worth Weekly

Nice work on the run down. Now explain a 50 year TIF...

Buddy, Can You Spare A Billion?

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Are YOU downstream?

The maps should be online. There is no legal reason for them not to be. There are powerful public safety reasons why they should be. The maps are not online because of resistance from the real estate development industry, abetted by local officials and USACE, in direct violation of the public interest and public safety.

Feds Know Who Will Get Flooded Here, But Try Getting Them to Tell You

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Vote NO

How many voters actually read a proposed proposition from start to finish?

I think most voters probably take for granted that the blip we read on our ballots accurately reflects the true use for the money.

Well...so much for that!  I think whoever writes those blips are banking (pun intended) on our trust in their leadership and our ultimate ignorance.  These people should be prosecuted for misrepresenting the voters.

Case(s) in point.

The ballot in the picture was recently mailed out in anticipation of the vote on May 5th.  The proposition is from the Tarrant Regional Water District and claims to be for flood control and drainage facilities.  Please refer to the link below which documents that the Tarrant Regional Water District needs the money to fund the Panther Island project north of downtown....AKA Trinity River Vision (TRV), the project is a proposed 800 acres of economic development in downtown Fort Worth. Why doesn't the ballot blip reflect this?  

Fort Worth Voters Beware of Proposition Propaganda

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Panther Island = Beached Whale

Letter to the Editor: Panther Island or Beached Boondoggle?

Feb 23, 2018
The business of the Water Board is two-fold: Flood control and water supply. Not economic development. Yet they are asking the voters to approve a $250 million bond to salvage Panther Island, heretofore known as Trinity Uptown. When I started writing letters to the editor 15 years ago about this uprooting, heartless eminent domain economic development boondoggle, we were promised that Fort Worth's total obligation would be $26 million – no more.

Consider this: In 1990, the city asked voters to OK a $20 million bond to replace Will Rogers Auditorium with a new modern state-of-the-art Music Hall. The voters said No! Loud and clear! Now we are asked bald-faced by the Water Board for more than 10 times that amount to salvage the mother of all shameless, nepotistic boondoggles, Panther Island.

Panther Island! Seemingly a more appropriate name would be The Beached Whale.

Don Woodard
Fort Worth


Panther Island Straight Talk Per Fort Worth Star-Telegram's Request

Complete the project by 2028? The Star-Telegram drops that embarrassing bit without editorializing regarding the absurdity of what was originally touted as being a vitally needed flood control and economic development project, of such import that it warranted the abuse of eminent domain to steal property, but is so totally not vital that the project is now projected to possibly be completed almost three decades after it was foisted on the Fort Worth public, without the public having the opportunity to vote for the project.

Til now.

After years of burning through bucks wasted on things like failed wakeparks, exorbitant salaries, junkets, ridiculous signage and tons of expensive mailed propaganda, the TRWD is asking voters to approve a quarter billion bond bucks so that new waterfront property might be created by 2028.