Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Star-Telegram "News" Paper prints funnies

The reason no one takes the Star-Telegram anymore is because they are nuts.  Like Bat Sh*t Crazy Nuts.

 Let us count the ways -

A week ago we got a call about hiring block walkers for the TRWD race. For three candidates.  Living the Fort Worth Way, one would assume the status quo, the three incumbents.  But no, hold up.  They want two of the incumbents and one of the ones the establishment continues to run.  If you're wondering why, he's in real estate.  Duh.

And here we are a week later and we are sure no one finds it odd, that the ST just came up with these same three candidates all on their own!  (If you buy that, we have a bridge to sell you.) They are endorsing candidates who have not made any waves or stood up for their constituents during their time on the board. Looking at one of the incumbents signs, it seems they aren't even clear what the board they serve on is called.  This is the same candidate that happens to be the treasurer for a certain Fort Worth Mayoral Candidate. Apparently the ST is okay with that, too. It's Fort Worth, it's all relative.

We understand not backing the president of the board again, though the ST's excuse for that doesn't hold water.  They feigned shock over his "arrogance" and unwillingness to listen to the voters.  Um, are they new?  Have they ever been to a meeting? This is who he is and what the water board does.  Granted other local papers have done a much better job on reporting that over the years. Did the ST forget they’ve always endorsed him? (see pic above).

The ST has a reputation for being derogatory and dismissive when it comes to the People's Candidate, Mary Kelleher.  The one time they did endorse her, they called her "the squeaky wheel".  When she won a seat on the Tarrant Regional Water District, a food critic at the Star-Telegram insulted all Texas women and beyond by saying her win had something to do with her being the only woman on the ballot.  It couldn't be because she's a highly intelligent, caring, hard working citizen, could it?  This time they label her as a "disruptor".  Well, sign us up!  We're voting for the disruptor and asking you to do the same.  Had the ST been focused on disrupting the Fort Worth Way that the TRWD has practiced for years, the taxpayers wouldn't have wasted $40 million to date on the Billion Dollar Boondoggle. 

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