Friday, March 12, 2010


Kathleen Hicks is again trying to take credit for the Carter Avenue pipeline move. This is the councilwoman WHO would not return emails or phone calls to the residents on Carter. She has not attended any of the Carter Avenue gatherings. She did her interviews about Carter Avenue from a gas station nearby. One of her people did go put letters in the mailboxes the day AFTER the Carter Avenue rally last week.

Lon Burnam sent a representative to the Carter Avenue rally last week, and a letter telling the residents he stands with them.

Wendy Davis tried to pass a bill to protect them that Governor Perry vetoed. She also said-

"Particularly, they need to back away from the condemnation against Steve Doeung," Davis said. "I feel like his family has suffered a lot of emotional trauma."

Read the article in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.


Sam DeZavala said...

What this shameless politician is doing amounts to the same thing that right-of-way eminent domainer abusers do: TAKING FOR HERSELF WHAT OTHERS HAD WORKED FOR, with a tip of the hat to Billy Mitchell and his famous billboard message.
Keep telling the truth and call fouls--both words and deeds-- when you see them, LoneStar.

Anonymous said...

We know Steve and his family, and the senator has some very good insight into their suffering and trauma because he and his family try not to show the stress and strain that they have endured during this whole heartless ordeal. Where was KH during all that time? Does she only come to life when the media is around? It sure seems that way from our perspective as Steve's neighbors.